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NuBra® Stories

NuBra® Stories

I never thought that I would choose a stick-on bra to wear underneath my dress on my wedding day or that I could trust it to stay in place.And not only did it stay in place,it also gave me really great shape, It also didn’t show!
I was able to move around and go to brunch and go everywhere without worrying about my coverage.
It gives me cleavage that’s the best part about it I feel more feminine.
The girls are nice and comfortable with the NuBra I just feel like I can move. It’s not going anywhere, it’s there to stay.
So NuBra has now become my best friend and it has changed my life as far as wearing bras.
It works pretty much with anything that you wear If you’re wearing athletic clothes, wedding gowns, tank top.
It fits me perfectly because I’m so small-chested It’s really hard to find something that fits me well.
You don’t have to worry about everything hat you have to worry about when you’re wearing a bra.
Like literally, I can just be free it’s easy!
It was about 100 degrees and about 100 percent humidity and these puppies stayed in place. I could not believe it.
It’s so much easier and saves time and I just love it.


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